pippa small jewellery

Pippa's work has always been inspired by collecting, beginning with the beads, buttons and seeds of her childhood treasure boxes, and connected with her belief in the power of objects to hold personal and cultural memories. She studied anthropology and has spend time working in remote communities in south-east Asia, Africa and South America. This too has strongly influenced her creative practice and she now works in collaboration with indigenous peoples on projects to help them research and develop their traditional designs and to create and sell craft that will allow them to become self-sufficient. Working with mining cooperatives in Bolivia led to the creation of a collection in ethically sourced and worked metal, shaped in to cascades of gardens wrought from the thinly hammered sheets of gold. Pieces made with the Kuna Indians of Panama reflect the teaming natural life of birds, fish and flowers, and those produced with the bushmen of Botswana use their traditional ostrich egg beads. Another recent project has been with a fairtrade group 'Made' in the slums of Nairobi, making work with recycled brass, glass and wood.


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