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DIESEL, A Bookstore: Cathleen Schine discusses and signs "The Grammarians"

The Grammarians is the story of two identical, inseparable, red-headed, word-obsessed twins, Laurel and Daphne Wolfe. They speak a secret “twin” language of their own as toddlers; as adults making their way in 1980s Manhattan, their enthusiasm for words continues, but this love, which has always bound them together, begins instead to push them apart. Daphne, a newspaper copy editor and well-known language columnist, devotes herself to preserving the dignity and elegance of Standard English. Laurel, who gives up teaching kindergarten to write poetry, is drawn, instead, to the polymorphous, chameleon nature of the written and spoken word. Their fraying bond finally shreds completely when the sisters go to war, absurdly but passionately, over custody of their most prized family heirloom: Merriam Webster’s New International Dictionary, Second Edition.