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DIESEL, A Bookstore: Publication Party! Jo Giese - "Never Sit if You Can Dance"

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Jo's mother, Babe, liked to drink, dance, stay up very late, and always told her daughter, "Never sit if you can dance". She favored colorful clothes, liked giving parties, and adored her husband. When he went on sales calls, she waited for him in the parking lot, embroidering pillowcases. Jo grew up thinking that the last thing she wanted was to be like her mother. Then it dawned on her that her own happiness was derived in large part from lessons Babe had taught her. Her mother might have had tomato aspic and stewed rhubarb in her fridge, while Jo had organic kale and almond milk in hers, but in more important ways they were much closer in spirit than Jo had once thought. When readers finish this book, they'll want to give their mother a hug and dance into Mother's Day and beyond.

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